Why are X-rays so important?

A Message from Dr. Drouin…


We are often asked “Why are dental x-rays so important?”  In short, X-rays, along with a visual examination, help find problems in the mouth such as tooth decay, damage to bones supporting teeth, dental injuries, and to monitor any previous dental work that was completed.

Here in Dr. Drouin’s office we typically take two types of X-rays; Bite Wings and Full Mouth series.  Bite wings are taken once a year to help diagnose decay of the back teeth.  The full mouth series are taken every 3 to 5 years depending on individual situational needs and consists of 16-20 individual X-rays of the entire mouth.  This allows a very detailed evaluation for proper diagnosis of all the teeth for cavities, gum and bone disease, root resorption, bone pathology, etc.

By following the schedule, we have the best opportunity to catch problems early in order to provide treatment that is as conservative as possible.  Please don’t hesitate calling our office at 704-664-7774 if you have further questions.  We are here for “Restoring Hope, Health, and Beautiful Smiles”.