It is our goal to maximize the financial role your dental insurance provides in any treatment.  We will file all claims and supporting documentation (xrays, doctor’s narrative, photographs, etc.) to our best ability to ensure your coverage is consistent with the terms of your policy.  Please note, there are many differences in coverage based on your plan.  These include annual maximums, deductibles, covered procedures, reasonable and customary fees and waiting periods just to name a few.  Doctor Drouin is fully aware that this coverage is important to you and will make every effort to have your insurance share in any financial responsibility in accordance with your plan.  Please keep in mind a few of the reasons we are an “out-of-network” provider.

  • We strongly believe treatment decisions are best made between a highly trained doctor and an informed patient.
  • Our philosophy regarding delivery of care is not conducive to an insurance driven model where quantity often exceeds quality.
  • We are able to provide technologically advanced methods with superior materials that often exceed insurance industry standards.
  • Dr. Drouin and staff are here to earn your approval when it comes to helping you achieve the highest level of well- being that is appropriate for you, regardless of cost.

More and more we recognize a trend in healthcare where the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship is compromised.  Whether dictated by insurance companies, a lack of time or a combination of many factors, we remain steadfast in our approach.  We are “dedicated to treating each person with compassion and excellence while restoring hope, health, and beautiful smiles.”